Bella & Robert Pattinson Authentic Wedding Plans

Bella and ROBERT PATTINSON have actual wedding plans and you can look ahead to the a wedding announcement anytime this year. ROBERT PATTINSON awed Bella with an amazing emerald ring, since Bella is not a giant fan of sparkling diamonds like most females. I’ll bet that Kristen Stewart a.k.a. Bella might not fancy them because she’s not simply just authentic and thinks for herself but I feel she conceives that to attain such a jewel on your ring finger, a servant in the land of the Sahara is bind to work through harsh hot days to locate a adored diamond. Moving along, the eccentric, green eyed hottie- Kristen Stewart, doesn’t yearn an overdone wedding celebration neither, she would like for something serene but meaningful much as their love for each other and their relationship. 

Madonna Flashes Nipple Onstage

Recently, while at a concert, the queen of pop, Madonna got wild like in her ground breaking days with a mythical gig in Europe in which she willingly exhibited her nipple to the spectators. Unfortunately, her provocative move has incited unfavorable conceptions. A lot of her critics have quoted her move as a foolish move from the queen of pop, Madonna to gain popularity again just like she did in her early days.

However, it utterly back fired. Madge is now gazed upon as a fool. Obviously, Madge made a major mistake. Well, I rest assure that Madge should quit from provocative antics.  Madge is much too old to be revealing her nipple to the spectators at a performance like it’s cool. The fact of the matter is, that it is raunchy. Madge get a life!